An Analysis On The Readiness Of Using E-Learning In Teaching And Learning Strategies In Higher Education

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Jamiludin Usman, Halimatus Sa’diyah, Sri Nurhayati, Usman Usman


Today’s educational instutions need to use innovative learning strategy by e-learning. State Islamic institute (IAIN) of Madura has implemented E-Learning but there are many applications that hasn’t yet fulfilling the institution’s need. By knowing the readiness level in using E-Learning is expected to be the base in doing preparation and improvement. This research measured the readiness level in implementing E-Learning uses Aydin &Tasci model which measure 4 main factors namely technology, innovation, human and self-development factor. The data collected using questionnaire, while the data analysis uses descriptive statistical analysis refers to Aydin & Tasci model. This research is done to the leaders, lecturers and other IAIN Madura’s members by random sampling.  The research shows that IAIN Madura is ready to implement E-Learning but it still needs a slight improvement in the technology, because innovation factor score level of readiness is less, and human factor readiness is on. Meanwhile, for the self- development factor IAIN Madura is not ready and it still needs to do some improvements.

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