Effect Of Public Relation In Developing Organizational Image Through Organizational-Public Relationship In Libyan Context

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Ashref Mohamed Mohamed Alshibani, S M Ferdous Azam


In recent years, the terms “relationships” and “image” have emerged as the focal concepts in explaining the purpose and value of public relations. The concepts of organization-public relationships and organizational image can be integrated within a theoretical framework of public relations effectiveness. When those concepts are integrated in a model, the role of public relations can be captured more clearly than when there is a separate focus on each of the concepts. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the link between organization-public relationships and organizational image. Survey research was used to collect data, and structural equation modelling (SEM) was used to empirically test the causal effects of organization-public relationships on organizational image for four Libyan public organizations. In the causal model, organization-public relationship predicted organizational image, taking into account the exogenous influences of five independent communication related variables. The results of the study showed a significant positive effect of organization-public relationship on organizational image for all organizations studied. This exploration will likewise help different organizations confronting comparative issues in public relations and subsequently, it will be essential to such organizations in enhancing their organizational public relations. Thus, this study looks to offer a thorough commitment towards deciding the status not just of the demonstrable skills of the local Public Relations industry but to the worldwide industry all in all.

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