Speaking Students’ Improvement Through Critical Thinking Concepts And Youtube Media

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Nurhakim, Syarfuni, Sasmayunita, Asriani Thahir, Sri Wahyuni, Sulami Sibua


This study aims to describe speaking skills through the concept of critical thinking and YouTube media. This type of research is a qualitative descriptive study. Data collection was carried out through observation and interviews, while data analysis was carried out qualitatively by describing the research findings from observations and interviews. The findings reveal that there are four stages in learning to speak. First, starting from the preparation stage by determining the topic and title, gathering references, and practicing speaking. The second stage, the implementation of speaking is done by recording a video when speaking as a basis for improvement in the evaluation stage. The third stage, the implementation of the evaluation by evaluating, providing input, and revising the video that was made before publication, such as the duration of only 5 - 7 minutes, display effects, and mastery of speaking material. The fourth stage, publishing on YouTube media. All presentation videos that have been edited are published on YouTube. The results of the learning show that students are more confident in presenting the material and mastering the material in a structured manner

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