Do Smartphone Increase or Decrease Workplace Productivity

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Sumeet Prashant Singh , Dr. Hirak Dasgupta


This report elaborates the research on the effect of rising or declining output from smartphones at the workplace. It highlights how drastic changes in the field of communication have been caused by the smartphone technology which came into being almost 10 years ago. Smartphones have developed exponentially and are gradually incorporated into the lives of citizens (AlZwamri & Hussain, 2017). Smartphone impact on the use in the workplace can be positive or negative which can affect the productivity of work in any organization. Smartphone impact  on employee job efficiency have been established in this article and the framework for coping with these impacts is defined to support, improve and enhance their effectiveness or success in the job.

As per the study "Smartphone Micro-Breaks During Work Day are Successful" at the University of Kansas, workers should be granted a few short breaks every day. This caused an improvement in efficiency and met further targets ahead or on schedule (Hussain & Khattak, 2019). During the day such mini-breaks encourage workers to take away some possible job tension from their minds and "refresh" their brains.


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