Role of Consumers Emotional Attachment towards Brands

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Dr. K.Sathyanarayan, P.Subburaj


This study aims to explore the relationship between attachment, cognitive memory and purchasing situation of the brand. The brand quickly shifted from the conventional approach to this brand's relation. The relationships are focused on the brand's psychological consumer culture or the connection between a person and its favorite brands. More particularly, the study objective is to understand the attachment and outcomes of such an emotional relationship wherein the consumers feel proud to be in a relationship with his/her brand. It also understands exposure to the affective and cognitive antecedents and consequences that have influenced Brand loyalty and premium. This paper's concept is based on a brief literature review about consumers' emotional attachment towards the brand. Additionally, this study develops into mediating roles of the purchase situation. To this end, a survey entailing a sample of N=220 consumers living in Chennai, India. The surveyed employed mediation analysis techniques to assess a hypothesis size relationship between variables. This empirical data was analyzed and interpreted with Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) using an AMOS 24.0. The results delineate that there is a positive relationshipbetween consumer emotional attachments to brands.A connection among consumer emotional factors such as loyalty, price premium and purchase situation was also partially mediated between affective and
cognitive factors. One focal factor would be to measure consumer emotional attachment's strength towards the brand in terms of loyalty.

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