Impact Of Rehabilitative Program On Patients With Low Back Pain – Muscular Origin Among Sports Science Collage Students In Mutah University - Jordan

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Al-Qudah, Mohammad. Khalid; Al-Jazzazi, Saleem. Abdulmageed


This study aimed to identify the effect of suggested rehabilitative program on patients with Mild  Non-specific low back pain - muscular origin among Sport Science Collage Students in Mutah University - Jordan. Twenty One patients (18-22 Y.O) were enrolled to the Rehabilitative Program that consists of Back Massage cupping for (5) minutes, Supine Sustained Lumbar Traction for (10) minutes, then immediately followed by a Slow motion Supine Bicycle Exercise for (5) Minutes. The Program lasted for (4) Weeks by (12) sessions. Variables (Temperature of right lower back, Temperature of left lower back, Trunk Forward range of motion, Trunk Backward range of motion, Pain, Daily Activity) were measured and compared before the beginning of the Program and (10) minutes after the twelfth session was finished. Wilcoxon test was used to determine the difference between pre and post measurements.    

    Results indicates that there was statistically significant difference between the pre and post measurements in favor of the post measurements. The Researchers Concludes that the  use of the Program has a positive effect on patients with Mild Non-specific low back pain- muscular origin. The Researchers Recommends to conduct more follow-up similar studies at larger samples and in both males and females, as well as to conduct more similar studies in all other kinds of Non-specific low back pain.

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