Workplace Preference of Generation Z: A Review and Research Agenda

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Afshan Zoya, Dr. Pradnya V Chitrao


Gen Z is born into a globally connected world and growing up with the latest technology in hand, their world revolves around the digital media and technology is their identity. This generation is entering the organizations now, with absolutely new expectations and preferences of the workplace. There is very little awareness about their values, work ethics, characteristics and attributes. Gen Z is different from Gen X and Gen Y in their approach towards work and these unique qualities are going to bring evident changes in the future of organizations.

Generation Z are also called “digital natives”, being social, technological, global and developed, clever and educated and the most connected, generation that ever existed before. They have a musical culture and are enthused by influencers over social media, alluring them over brands. It is affirmative that the hiring and retention of this generation without proper understanding will affect the sustainable progress of organizations.

However, by analyzing the preferences and workplace motivation factors of this generation, companies can determine the changes to be brought in their recruitment and retention processes. This review paper observes the attitude and inclinations of the Gen Z from the prevailing studies so that organizations can forecast and build a workplace apposite for them in order to upscale the performance of their organization

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