The Level of The Jordanian University Students’ Satisfaction at the Role of Social Media in General Affairs in Governmental Developmental Institutions to Make them Aware of the Goals of these Institutions.

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Dr. Farhan Rashid Al Olaimat, et. al.


This study aims at identifying the level of the Jordanian university students’ satisfaction at the role of social media in general affairs in governmental developmental institutions to make them aware of the goals of these institutions.  The study used a survey on a random sample consisting of 192 items on students of the Faculty of Information at Al-Yarmouk and Petra universities.  The study used the descriptive analytical methodology using an electronic survey.  The study found out that half of the sample did not know about the Jordanian developmental institutions because they did not care to know.  They also did not know because the informational content of both communication activities in these institutions and the mass media they deal with is very little.  The study also found out that the communication methods the general affairs use are only the social media that belongs to these institutions.  The level of satisfaction at the contribution of communication methods in making the sample aware of the goals of these institutions was recognized as “sometimes”.  The most important role of these activities was to make the sample aware of the information about these institutions. However, the satisfaction of the sample at the communication activities of the general affairs in developmental institutions was recognized as “moderate”.  Jordanian electronic sites and mass media have greater role than informational methods in making the sample aware of the goals of these institutions.  It was also found out that We are all Jordan Committee “Kollonal Al-Ordon” and King Abdullah Fund for Development have a great communication activity to make the Jordanian youth aware of the goals of these institutions

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