Ahmad Khalid Tawfik's Novel "On The Birds We Tell" From the Self-Searching Journey to The Journey of Struggle with the Epidemic and Anticipating the Corona Pandemic

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Dr.Fatima Kassoul


With the outbreak of the new Corona virus “Covid-19” around the world, attention shifted into books and novels of the epidemicsfeild, and the works that dealt withthe time of viruses. The Egyptian doctor Ahmad Khalid Tawfik’s novel “About birds we speak”, which was publishedin the fortieth issue of the Safari series, is one of his creative works. In this novel, the author surprises us with his abilityto predict and anticipate the emergence of the Corona epidemic in China, which he photographed in light of the protagonist Alaa Abdel-Azim

journey of self-searching. The journey turned turned into a journey of struggle with death and facing the epidemic

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