Signifier of personality and mechanisms of his work in the book The Prince - Paths of Iron Doors - by Wasini Al-Araj

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KOUDRI Fahima Pr. SAADA Hasna


Semiotic studies dealt with the novelist character theorizing and applying as one of the most important pillars of the narrative word,  this research reveals the semiotics of the character in the book The Prince - Paths of Iron Doors - by Wasini Al-Araj, which is an attempt to study the semantics of personality using what Philip Hamon concluded in his critical achievement, the research included an introduction that dealt with the definition of biography and its types (biography  and heterosexual biography) with the mention of its founding pioneers, and then touches on the definition of personality in Western criticism and the stages of its development, and mentioned the most famous theorists from Vladimir Propp to Philip Hamon, and then the application of the findings of 'Philip Hamon' about the about the signifier of personality  on the book of the prince, highlighting the following elements: the names of the characters (types, titles, qualities and symbolism) as well as pronouns and their connotations on the characters, the research concludes in its conclusion to the success of 'Wasini Al-Araj' in choosing the names of the characters of his work accurately to achieve his readability, and make them identical images of the characters in the real world, as well as his good employment of the third person and the first person, as he maintained the privacy of the heterosexual biography when employing the third person pronoun with his attempt to break the familiar and the tendency to renew by employing the first person pronoun.

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