Hermeneutics between the epistemological foundation and the ontological foundation

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Laroussi Nadia


This article aims to shed light on the hermeneutic project of both Wilhelm Dilthey and Hans Gadamer, and to clarify the most important common things between them, Hermeneutics has its roots in the depths of the ancient past, and it has passed through multiple phases through the successive stages of history, and its concept differed from one stage to another and according to the different starting points of philosophers.           What is worth mentioning in this regard is that interpretation according to Dilthey is considered a basic and effective approach to get out of the method crisis in the humanities and rise to the science class, and to refute any metaphysical vision in understanding the human phenomenon that is inseparable from man.   Gadamer was seeking to establish a universal interpretive philosophy, which includes an explicit call for the universality of interpretive practice through language as the home of existence and the mediator for the interaction of the ego with the other, which means that its essence is dialogue and not collision between various civilizations and cultures.

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