Design a test to measure the perception of children aged 3 to 4 years

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Boulasnam karima, Prof. Dr.Rakza Samira


Cognition is a psychological process that contributes to the meaning and significance of objects, people, and situations that an individual deals with by organizing, interpreting, and formulating sensory stimuli in meaningful ways. The researcher envisaged building a test to measure and evaluate the cognitive process in children (03–04 years old) that was valid in the local environment and would be a tool for the specialists to appropriately diagnose cognitive disorders and problems in children. Furthermore, to provide an Algerian measuring tool, geared to the Algerian environment, while acknowledging the scarcity of the scientific field in this field and the use of this tool by specialists in the diagnosis and assessment of the cognitive side of children to ensure more efficient use. Building a comprehensive and reliable scale of assessment of cognitive function in a child  (03 to 04 years). Is based on a sound approach, and the reliability and reliability of the contents of the results make it a reliable tool that would be an addition to the Algerian researcher and specialist. The test was applied to 90 cases of kindergarten children in Blida

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