Physical activity among women - a comparative study-

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Dr.Nacerbey Karima, Dr.Makhlouf Hasna, Dr.Guezgouz Fatah, Dr.Boudissa Lamia, Dr.Bellila Zakarya, Phd.Baghdadi Mohamed, Phd.Farah Khaled


This study aimed to identify women’s physical activity level and compare it according to several variables by following a descriptive approach. and involving 114 women.  A Questionnaire of physical activity level of El houzaa 2014 was used to collect data. The results showed that women are not active enough. The comparative results proved that there are statistically significant differences in the activity level in terms of health status, age, income and job. In light of these results, the researchers recommend the need to provide places for exercise in line with Algerian society values ​​and principles, raising women’s awareness about the need of practicing sport and avoiding inactivity, women’s awareness of the importance of physical and sport activity in general because of its benefits on physical and psychological health.

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