Narrative Techniques in Al-Maqqari Al-Tilmisani 's Nafh al-Tib min Ghusn al-Andalus al-Ratib

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Mahdi Ali Mohamed


The present paper deals with  one of the most important Islamic  writers , Aḥmad ibn Muḥammad Al-Maqqari  Al-Tilmisani and his  narrative techniques used in his book  Nafh al-Tib min Ghusn al-Andalus al-Ratib and Thaker Waserha Lasan Al Deen  Bin Al Khateeb    .  Nafh al-Tib min Ghusn al-Andalus al-Ratib   is a book by a historian of a unique type    who sought  to depict   Andalusian   culture as a unique culture  . Al-Muqari divided his book into sections and sub-sections  compatible with each other . He divided it into two main sections: the first concerns Andalusia and its news, and it has eight sub -sections . While  the second section allocated it to introduce Lisan Al-Din Ibn Al-Khatib  his  news and the conditions of the scholars who touched on their mention. The paper comes to  focus on the historical narratives as used as special technique in this book .   In this book ,   Al-Maqqari  put his print in  everywhere  by  giving a speech and  lessons fill up with prophetic hadith , literature, history, biography, geography and translations . Al-Maqqari  remained among the defenders of the Arabs and their culture and civilization, dedicated his life effort in defending the Arab legacy . He remained   immigrant  to trace knowledge  until he passed away in 1041 Ah 1632 AD in Egypt, leaving behind many  legacy  in  different fields .  

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