Manifestations of the implicit reader in the collection of the "Awakening of the clouds" by Abdullah Al-Ashi

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Aichaoui Nawal, Agha Aicha, Hakkoum Meriem


This research paper aims to approach the aspects of the implicit reader's manifestations in the collection of the awakening of the clouds by Abdullah Al-Ashi, by touching on some of the textual signs that moved in the text to illuminate it and guide the reader in his reading and interpretive path, as well as opening the text to the spaciousness and multiplicity of reading and interpretation, as shown by those Signs are a phenomenon adopted by the text to reveal a certain intent and to attract the reader and involve him in the production and enrichment of meaning. In this study, I relied on the reading strategy from Weiser's perspective, which assumes the presence of the implicit reader as a pre-position in the text that would direct the real reader to explore the depths of the text and discover its secrets.

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