Harga in Algeria: from merits to evolution Burning phenomenon in Algeria

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Moussaoui Fatima Nabila


Algeria moved from a transit area for illegal immigrants to a country of source for illegal immigrants, because its history witnessed waves of migration from its lands towards the north, especially to France during and after the liberation revolution, but the new face as a country of source for immigrants remains an outsider to its history in its relationship with countries In the North, these illegal immigrants, or as the term Harga is known, are illegal immigrants

Their massive emergence coincided with a set of changes that occurred in the social, political and economic field. The security slips and the low standard of living for the individual led to a social crisis that did not find an echo on the political level. This blockage strongly contributed to the formation of this category of society that believes only in burning, especially since the The desired reception provides these harragas, according to their view, with incentives that were absent in their home country.

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