The Crossing of Disciplines in the Algerian Secondary Cycle French Exam Context

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Abdelmalek DJEDIAI, Mounir MILOUDI


The development of a cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary communicative competence in learners, where interdisciplinary knowledge and skills intersect, is one of the stated objectives of the pedagogical project of the Algerian school concerning language teaching and learning, similar to the teaching of French as a Foreign Language (henceforth FFL). Hence, our interest in this study is to inquire: how is this intersection of disciplines integrated into the end-of-secondary-cycle exams, and how could this didactic-pedagogical choice impact the quality of language teaching and learning by establishing connections with various disciplines through the diverse topics addressed in the Baccalaureate examination? Thus, in order to provide some elements of an answer to this question, we undertook this study based on an evaluation framework designed after a meticulous analysis of twenty-three benchmark assessments. As a result of this study, the conclusions point to the fact that several disciplines are taken into consideration to encourage high school students to draw upon various resources to solve the encountered problem situations.

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