The Influence of Lecturer Pedagogic Competence, Discipline, and Pastoral Assistance on the Moral Quality of STB HKBP Students in Laguboti

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Darna Situmorang, Andar Gunawan Pasaribu, Ibelala Gea


The problem in this study is the moral quality of students of Bibelvrow High School (STB) HKBP Laguboti which must be improved and must be prepared as an ordination service devoted to serving women, women, and children. This study aims to determine the influence  of lecturer pedagogic competence (selection of learning materials), discipline and pastoral assistance on the moral quality of STB HKBP students in Laguboti. The type of research used is quantitative research, with a population as well as a sample of students who are still actively studying at Bibelvrow High School (STB) Laguboti Toba, stambuk 2019 to stambuk 2021 totaling 127 people, using saturated sampling techniques. Data collection techniques using questionnaires. All questionnaires tested are valid and reliable. The lecturer’s pedagogic competence coefficient gave a value of 0.361, the discipline coefficient gave a value of 0.475, the pastoral assistance coefficient gave a value of 0.356.  The results showed  that the pedagogical competence of lecturers, discipline and pastoral assistance had a positive and significant influence, both partially and simultaneously on the moral quality of STB HKBP students in Laguboti. Based on multiple regression estimates, the result Y = 22,080 + 0.361 X1 + 0.475 X2 + 0.356 X3 was obtained. The result of the regression calculation is that the coefficient of determination (adjusted R2) is obtained at 0.954 (95.4%).

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