Modern Media and Communication Tools and Their Impact on Physical Sports Activity among Algerian Children

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This research addresses the reality experienced by Algerian children through a descriptive analytical study using a questionnaire directed at the parents of children in the primary education stage. The aim is to determine the extent to which their children are inclined towards technological media and communication tools and their impact on their physical activity at home, as well as the extent of the child's engagement in physical and sports activities, whether in school or outside. The results reveal a significant percentage of children showing an interest in modern media and communication tools due to the amenities and entertainment options provided by contemporary life, including electronic games and media and communication tools. On the other hand, there is insufficient enthusiasm for physical and sports activities. Additionally, educational institutions, both schools and sports clubs, do not show a serious commitment to providing the necessary conditions and guiding children toward regular and continuous physical activity to achieve educational and healthy goals through the media role of the sports educator.

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