International and National Organizations and Agreements Related to the Protection of Submerged Cultural Heritage

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Assafsaf Cherifa


In recent years, there has been an increased focus on the exploration and preservation of submerged archaeological sites, whether in seas, oceans, or other bodies of water. These underwater sites are rich in artifacts dating back to various historical periods, reflecting human activity in various domains. Due to the significant importance of these discovered relics as complements to those found on land, it has become imperative for various international organizations to enact laws aimed at protecting this type of heritage. Algeria, like many other countries worldwide, has not overlooked this aspect, as evidenced by Law 98-04 concerning the protection of cultural heritage. What are the most important international agreements regulating submerged cultural heritage within water? In this research, we will discuss the key international organizations working in the field of culture in general and archaeology in particular, and their roles in safeguarding submerged archaeological sites. We will also examine the efforts of some countries in this field, in addition to Algeria's endeavors to protect this type of heritage.

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