Rhythmic orchestration in the Poetry of Afif Eddine Al Tilimsani - syllable and measure models-

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Chetrah Ahmed Cherif


The poetic text is full of phonetic values which combine in a specific way. Indeed, poetry is characterize by internal and external rhythmical features that rally in one way or another, and that contribute in creating the general coherence  of rhythm. Abi rabia Afif eddine Al Tilimsani’s poems may illustrate the concept of the stylistic and rhythmical cooperation. Since rhythmical levels differ within the frame of phonetic structure, we have chosen to uncover the stylistic  and rhythmical facts at the level of syllables  and  their  cooperation with the construction or the pattern as it is embodied in the measures and in the rhyme . How does this cooperation between style and rhythm reveal itself in the poems by Abi rabia’ through the phonetic syllables and Khallili measures? And has this divergent and pluralistic couple of syllable and measure  contribute in constructing a unified weft for the poetic rhythm?

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