Information retrieval techniques using Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems in information centers: A review Article

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Djoumana, Lemounes


Expert systems, a field of applied artificial intelligence, have revolutionized information management by enhancing indexation and improving abstraction. They analyze content, resulting in accurate indexes and saving time. Through the use of production rules, expert systems generate high-quality summaries. While the MRS Sharif system faced challenges in book classification at the University of Strathclyde, it contributed to training classifiers in libraries. Overall, expert systems have transformed information retrieval, boosting efficiency and accuracy. Ongoing research and development continue to shape their potential, playing a vital role in managing information effectively and supporting the globalization of the educational environment.

This study highlights the successful implementation of expert systems in indexation, enabling accurate content analysis and efficient indexing. Expert systems also refine summaries by employing production rules and specific techniques for better abstraction. However, applying expert systems in classification was limited to the MRS Sharif system, which encountered weaknesses and ultimately failed as a project. Nevertheless, it found a new purpose in training classifiers for libraries. These findings underscore the significant impact of expert systems in information management, emphasizing the ongoing necessity for further research and development

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