Renewal Aspects in the Objectives of the Sharia and Their Urban Dimensions "A study of the vision of Abdul Majid Al-Najjar".

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Hadjira Chebli


This article presents an analytical reading of the intellectual experience contributed by the contemporary Islamic thinker Abd al-Majid al-Najjar in the field of renewal, based on his reviews of Islamic thought in general and jurisprudential thought in particular. The article focuses on highlighting the aspects of renewal that al-Najjar has added to the knowledge of the objectives of the Shari'a and their connection to the urban dimension, considering that all the rulings of the Shari'a were issued by Allah Almighty to achieve objectives that bring good to human beings and enable them to fulfil the task of human administration with which they have been entrusted. This is the essence of the goals of the Shari'a according to al-Najjar.

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