The role of physical and athletic education in alleviating anxiety among adolescents

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Faiza BOUGHALIA, Soufiane MAHI, Abdellah LAMECHE


The aim of the study was to identify the role of physical education and sports in alleviating anxiety among adolescents
because the anxiety is highlighted by the intensity of adolescence, which in turn is considered one of the most important stages in
the life of the individual and was our choice of this subject due to what we observed from the excesses and psychological
problems of adolescents In the secondary stage and so we tried to study on some of the secondary Chlef and the number of
students 238 practitioners of physical and sports education and 63 non-practitioners of physical education and sports, is 10% of
the community research The sample was chosen deliberately and used the descriptive method and to collect study data And the
achievement of its goals have been used to measure anxiety Cattell translation of Mohammed Hussein Allawi.
The results were as follows:
- There are statistically significant differences in the degree of anxiety among adolescents who practice and are not practicing
physical and athletic education.
- Practitioners of physical education and sports education are characterized by a lower degree of anxiety in comparison with their
non-practicing children of physical and athletic education.

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