A new vision in the miraculous arrangement of the Holy Quran according to "Ayman Eid Al-Rawajfah" - the theory of symmetry as a model –

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Ayman Eid Al-Rawajfah from Tafila Technical University in Jordan is one of the contemporary researchers who delve into the field of miracles and Quranic and linguistic studies. His research in this field is considered original and reference. Because it carries new ideas and opinions, which can reach the point of being considered theories, through which he tried to link between science and literature, and his book “Bridging between Literature and Sciences: The Theory of Groups (Group) and Symmetry in the Holy Qur’an” is the best evidence of that. And we will focus in this study on one the theories he put forward are "the theory of symmetry in the Holy Qur'an".

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