Prophetic Hadiths in the Algerian Islamic Primary School Curriculum - Compilation, study and descriptive analysis of the curriculum.

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Samia derdouri, Tarek mihoubi


     The Prophetic Sunnah is considered the second part of divine revelation as well as its explanatory source. It is also a fundamental source of legislation in Islamic jurisprudence. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all Muslims to learn, memorise, understand and master the language of its presentation in order to act in accordance with its teachings. One of the ways in which the Prophetic Sunnah can be taught is through its inclusion in educational curricula. In this research, we focused on the inclusion of the Prophetic Sunnah through its noble Hadiths about the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in a crucial stage of education, the primary level. This was done by studying the curriculum of the subject of Islamic education in all primary schools, as prescribed by the Algerian Ministry of National Education. The research followed several important steps, such as collection, induction, tracking and comparison, followed by description and analysis. It also provided important observations related to the subject, and concluded with findings and recommendations aimed at enhancing the presence of the Prophetic Sunnah in the curriculum and highlighting the correct methodology for its inclusion.

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