The Cultural History of the Sahara Algeria in the Writings of the Abū al-Qāsim Sa’d Allāh

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Dr. BICHI Rahima


In this research paper, we present the contributions of the renowned historian Professor Dr. Abū al-Qāsim Saʻd Allāh - may Allah have mercy on him - in introducing the cultural history of the Algerian desert. This is done through his efforts in highlighting the reformist role of scholars in the region and introducing their works. Additionally, he acknowledges the role of zawiyas (religious schools) and schools in spreading awareness and preserving national values and traditions, as well as teaching language and religion to the youth. We also present his introduction to the books and studies that have tackled the history of the desert, whether they are Arabic or foreign, through his readings. Saʻd Allāh has also dedicated a significant amount of his writings to the journeys undertaken by individuals in the harsh desert sands. Although Saʻd Allāh did not specifically focus on the cultural history of the Algerian Sahara, he mentioned it as scattered fragments here and there in his multiple works that influenced the Algerian library from a national perspective. He was ahead in uncovering the conspiracy plotted by colonialist historians to distort our history for over a century and a half

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