Secondary Education in Sorsogon

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Maria Flora Janer Renovalles, Susan S. Janer, Ritzelda A. Deri


This descriptive study was conducted using secondary data and through a survey to establish a baseline informtaion on the status of the secondary education in Sorsogon province. This investigated the profile of the schools, the teachers and the school heads. The data were taken from sixteen schools from seven municipalities and Sorsogon City. For big schools, the classroom-student ratio falls below the Department of Education standard of 1:40, but the small schools with below one thousand enrolees are within the standard. Only 10% of the teachers are holders of advance degrees. Majority are with masteral units only. While in terms of length of service, 40% of the teachers are within 11 to 30 years in service. Most teachers are young with ages below 40 years old. Majority of the teachers are females; but, 75% of the school heads are male. Although sll school heads are more than thirty years of age, most of them are new in their positions as school head, with less than 10 years of service in their position. With these results the following were recommended by this study; first, address the classroom inadequacy in big schools. Second, in-service trainings and other faculty development programs may be provided to teachers especially those who are young and whose teaching experience is less than ten years. Finally, human resource development programs should also be considered for the secondary school heads.

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