Mental Toughness in Sports: Level of Mental Toughness among Football Players in Different Position

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Norafiza Sulaiman, Syed Syahrul Zarizi Syed Abdullah, Risyadinie Rasyiqah Razmi, Noorhidayu Ismail,Dr Nur Fadilah Darmansah


The aim of this study is to investigate the mental toughness between the youth football players in different positions besides of determine whether sport experiences can be related to mental toughness. Method: 32 of the SUKMA Johore footballers around Johore voluntarily participated with the age range between 18 until 21 years old (M = 1.73, SD = 0.799). The 14-items of Sport Mental Toughness Questionnaire was used in measuring the mental toughness in this study. Result: The Statistical Packages for Social Science (SPSS) used for the analysis of the data collection. Descriptive statistic and  ANOVA  were used in accomplishing the research objectives: (1) to investigate the level of mental toughness among football players in different positions. Conclusion: The findings indicated forwards possessed higher of mental toughness compared to midfielders and defenders. Meanwhile, sport experiences were correlated to the study of mental toughness between the positions among footballers.   

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