Management Affecting the Efficiency of Small Power Producer of Thailand

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Piyapan Hannarkin , Sudawan Somjai, Chandej Charoenwiriyakul


The objectives of this research were 1) to study the factors affecting the efficiency of small power producers and 2) to study the approaches for the development of efficiency of small power producers. For the quantitative research, the sample group consisted of industrial plants using electricity from small power producers in the industrial estates of the central region and eastern region. The respondents were a total of 360 electrical administrative engineers of industrial plants. The data was collected from the questionnaires and was analyzed with descriptive statistics. For the qualitative research, the data was collected from the in-depth interviews with 4 groups of key informants including the electrical administrative engineers, of 12 industrial plants, the executives of small power generating companies, Director of the Energy Policy and Planning Office, Ministry of Energy, and Director of Power Purchase Agreement Department, the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, totaling 15 people. The research results revealed that 1) the quality management had the greatest influence on the entire efficiency of small power producers, followed by service quality, corporate brand equity, and reliability management, respectively. 2) The guidelines for improving efficiency of small power producers was to prepare a manual for working standards covering all parts to train the employees to conform to the manuals for meeting the specified working standards. The inspection and maintenance on the equipment must be performed on a regular basis with the availability of substituting machine and equipment which were always ready to use. The coordination must be made with PTT Public Company Limited to maintain the constant fuel pressure with a quick replacement system in case of interruption.

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