Globalization, Neo-liberalism, and Academic Capitalism of Higher Education

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Li Guang Li Chang- Chun Liao


Through literature review, this paper explains the significance of the "neo-liberalism" market and discusses the transformation of the market mechanism into higher education. Secondly, it explains the multiple viewpoints of " globalization, " higher education combined with the development of globalization, in the face of the formation of academic capitalism, higher education may be due to the crisis of academic capitalism hegemony. Third, through the globalization of higher education, neo-liberalism and academic capitalism thinking and operation analysis, the establishment of higher education with subjectivity; Finally, it discusses how to use the relevant management concepts of globalization, neoliberalism and academic capitalism, apply them to the core development of teaching, research and service of higher education, and provide the governance strategies of higher education institutions in the face of possible problems and challenges of higher education, so as to maintain the basic value of university education tradition.   

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