The Impact of Digitalization on Customers’ Satisfaction in Educational Sector: An Empirical Study

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Nourhan Ah. Saad, Dina Adel Hammad, Ahmed Barakat


During COVID-19 pandemic, digitalization becomes one of the main important factors for business success and survival, especially in the educational sector. Therefore, this study aims at examining the impact of digitalization on customers’ satisfaction in higher education. Information and technology communication and e-service quality were identified as the main variables to measure and evaluate digitalization. Information and technology communication were presented through advantage, compatibility, ease of use and perception, while e-service quality were presented through system quality, instructor and course materials quality and administrative and support system quality. An empirical study was conducted through a survey on undergraduate students of College of International Transport and Logistics, Alexandria, Egypt. Data analysis was performed by using SPSS software. The results demonstrated that there is a significant impact of ICT on customers’ satisfaction, e-service quality on customers’ satisfaction, and finally digitalization on customers’ satisfaction. The research provides an original contribution to knowledge by creating a theoretical framework linking digitalization and customers’ satisfaction, which can be used as a tool to enhance level of higher students’ satisfaction.

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