Grammatical Controversy According to Al-knowest Al-Shantmari in his Book (AL-Nokt in the Interpretation of Sibawayh Book) (Study in Argument Techniques)

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Eman Abd Jasim, et. al.


The book of (Al-Nokt) is rich in controversial issues, as Al-Knowest deposited a lot of scholars' opinions, whether it was between the two schools or between the Grammarians in the same school. Al-knowest did not limit himself to mentioning the controversy between grammarians only but rather presented the argument between linguists and grammarians so that he could balance these issues. He chooses correctness based on rational evidence and transfer, as we will see in practical matters. In this book, he confronted the criticism of Sibawayh from some of the grammarians in Basra, especially Al-Mazni, Al-Jarmi, Al-Mabrad, and Al-Zajjaj, as well as those who opposed him from the grammarians in Kufa. His book is rich in controversial issues. It raised many controversial issues that are revealed in his dialogues with a supposed interlocutor, inferring inferential reasoning, both responding and objecting. Al-knowest's attention to reasons affected the emergence of the grammatical controversy in his book. In his presentation of controversial issues, he was keen to raise objections in some grammatical matters to satisfy his desire for reasoning and argumentation.


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