Representations of conceptual art in the contemporary Iraqi visual achievement

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Maytham Hamza Hussein Jassim Al-Kaabi, et. al.


The essence of the conceptual discourse in art, especially plastic art and its emergence as a new art in Iraq and the knowledge of its repercussions and suggestions towards the recipient and the search for the relationship between culture and the prevailing philosophy of society , which is a distinct and important entrance to the understanding of the concept and the comprehension of human livelihood in light of these current conditions in Iraq. On the other hand, the emergence of important and restrictive results from the attempt to define the foundations and laws upon which the new art is based and then present them to researchers because they are complementary efforts that pour into one destination, where the idea or concept in modern arts, especially contemporary art, is a major goal of the artist, as it constitutes a conceptual pattern. And terminology for cultural and intellectual transformations and changes at all levels. Many works of plastic art have been presented at the present time from contemporary works, and the goal of the contemporary artist has become to achieve the idea of ​​the new artistic work by choosing the choice of materials linked to the idea, and in how to communicate its message (not the work itself), that is, away from the traditional aesthetic in classical composition. Rather, the content, as these arts aim to link the artistic work with the recipient and with life and its daily events, and with modern technology to formulate the idea and cast it into an artistic template,

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