The Role of The Military, The Bruneian Political Power and The Malay Realm (14th – 19th Century): From a Historical Perspective

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This paper attempts to discuss the role of the military, the Bruneian political power and the traditional Malay Realm. The period investigated is between the 14th and 19th Century[1]. Apart from Brunei, the other countries that is considered to have been a part of the Malay Realm includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Patani in Thailand, and the Philippines. It was in these nations where the Malay Realm sultanates once existed, each with its own military, not only Brunei, but also Malacca, Aceh, Demak and Patani. The military[2], in general, is defined as a group of people who are authorised to defend a country from any enemy attacks, whether it is from within the country or from external forces. They are also often ordered by a government or leader to attack other countries or certain factions, who they see as the enemy. Ketenteraan (The Military) – Malay Language Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia (2020




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