Relationship between Body Image and Self-Esteem among Athletes

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Ms Kashish Pandey


The person‘s idea of who they are and how they look like is known as body image. We all have our own sense of body image which may be congruent with our mind set or may not be. The picture may be different from how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us. Body image also determine our Self-esteem. It furnishes positive and negative self esteem.

Self-esteem refers to an individuals view about his/ her self worth. It can be positive or negative. If an individual has a positive Self-esteem, the individual will feel happy about themselves.

Hence, this present research examines to findout the image of the body and Self worth among amateur and professional athletes. It figures out how body image and Self-esteem affects an athletes metal well being. The correlation between both is foundout, and its relationship with eating disorders . There have been agreements over the past years that both body image and Self-esteem plays an important role in an athletes Self-esteem and body perception, the present study attempts to find the same.

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