Social Innovation: Changing Systems for Social Enterprise Rice Center of Baan Umsang Community in Rasisalai, Srisakes Province

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Chatwarun Angasinha


This research article has the purpose to study about Social Enterprise Rice Centre of Umsang Community in Rasisalai District, Srisakes Province including 1) the procedure of formation 2) the process and element 3) the success of changing system in adjustment of production methods to organism way, and connects at a global level. This research is the quality research using the technique of observing, and depth interviewing, by collecting the information from 30 main interviewees, which include Baan Umsang farmer community of Rasisalai District, Srisakes Province, for the government sector and private sector concerned, and got selected specifically. The study tools are structural interview form. The acquired documents is used for concluding and analysing, by the researcher who presents in descriptive style. The result of research found that Social Innovation takes place among the 7 processes unity of culture including: 1. Opportunities and Challenges 2. Generating Idea 3. Developing and Testing 4. Making the case 5. Delivering and Implementing 6. Growing and Scaling and 7. Changing System by team working, that can be the outstanding point of this community. The changing to the these new things standing on the 2 main principles, that are Sufficiency Economic Philosophy, as the guideline in order that they live in moderate practice, that is appropriate with the simplicity of living and self-dependency, in 3 ways as such: Economic, Natural resources and Mild Society. The changing of thinking method effects the change of productions and marketing method, until there is change from the Changing System.


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