A Story from the Past for Community based Tourism: Chanthabun Riverside Community, Thailand

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Chompunoot Panupat, Ong Bunjoon, Kingkanok Saowapawong


Storytelling is well researched and long recognized to be an intrinsic human instinct, even argued that story has influenced our evolutionary process. This study about creating a storytelling for Chanthabun Riverside and it was designed to determine using a triangulation inductive phenomenological approach. The unconstructed interviewed was distributed to the stakeholder and key person of thirty stakeholders in community. The analytical results further elucidated; a range of recommendations are proposed was utilized for creating seven a story telling of this community. The study concludes that the community-based tourism should be adapted for tourism development in this community and the story telling should be announced widely among tourism stakeholders in the community for community interpretation.  Community based tourism is now the important of tourism development because of community satisfaction is another element affecting the host community’s supportive behavior towards tourism development.

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