Level of Emotional Intelligence of the Faculty Members at Iloilo Science and Technology University

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Dr. Myla N. Conejar


This study determined the level of emotional intelligence of the 214 faculty members at Iloilo Science and Technology University for the academic year 2020-2021. To describe the respondents’ emotional intelligence, means, frequency distribution, percentage and standard deviations were computed. The one-way analysis of variance set at 0.05 alpha level for inferential statistics. Results revealed that most of the respondents had High or “Definite Strength” emotional intelligence likewise in the areas of emotional-awareness, managing one's emotions, self-motivation and empathy however, a little low in coaching others' emotions. No significant difference in the emotional intelligence as to age, years of teaching experience and academic rank. This implies that the respondents were emotionally matured to face challenges, difficult stressful situations, and demands or pressures of life.

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