Skill training complex with laser sensors to develop the spatial sense of the two leg movements for the fencing players

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Farah Khaled Abdullah


The study aims to train advancement and retreat movements according to the skills of
the sport of fencing (advancing for the attack and retreating for defense and stabbing
or touching and the movement of the arrow) through laser lines that give a signal
(sound) if the movement was wrong, in order to develop the perceptual-kinestheticspatial
according to the movements of the player and cohesion with the opponent and
the awareness of areas Stabbing or touching his body to obtain points and to perceive
the appropriate distance between the swordsman and his opponent to advance, stab or
touch, as well as to perceive the distance to retreat for the purpose of defense or for
numbers of attack. The new skill and mental vehicle tests are designed to measure
these aspects. The research was applied to a group of young fencing sword weapon
players, their number reached (10), and the training and movement were carried out
on laser lines to develop the spatial perception, the training was applied for (16)
training units, and the researcher concluded the development of the spatial perception
of the attack and defense movements of the research sample

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